Will the bay trail Atom proccessor do well enough for compilers (Electronics degree)?

I am looking for a tablet/pc with windows 8. I ran into the bay trail processors especially the Atom Z3770 which does seem to give good performance for Microsoft office and everyday work ie notetaking and such. However, I do not know whether it would have enough performance for programming ie. Java and C. Will the processor be enough or would i need to look into i5 tablets PCs?

Also the current bay trail tablet PCs, seem to come with 32bit windows only. When the 64bit version is supported, does this mean that I can upgrade with some hot fixes/patches, or will i need to buy new tablet altogether?

Is there certain features that are crucial to note-taking? ie like S-pen which can detect pressure.
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EDIT: I'm currently starting to learn C and Java languages, thus I probably wont be designing advanced circuitry(I'm thinking on the microprocessor scale) on this tablet. I have a octa core desktop for that.
I'm just wondering whether the tablet can work well for language compilers. ie code blocks/BlueJ to create some software.

But out of curiosity, could i use Xillinx ISE design tool with atom processors?
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  1. I think the Bay Trail tablet (BT) will be fine for what you want to do with it. It actually posts synthetic performance numbers close to some of the fastest Core2 Duos. The biggest current problem that i see with the BT tablets is manufacture support for 64 bit OS and available configurations. Personally all I wanted was a BT tablet with 10" FHD screen, 128 GB eMMC, 4 GB of ram a decent front camera and a good rear camera, and a manufacturer to document that when 64 Bit connected standby is operational they will release 64 bit drivers for the tablet. I searched to the end of the internet for such a tablet and found nothing. the availability of 64 bit drivers was one of the primary driving forces in my decision because the rumors are that win 8 will be the last 32 Bit OS leaving the first gen BT tablets with no available upgrade path to win 9. When the Surface Pro went on sale for $499 i decided to sacrifice battery life, connected standby, and a good rear camera for 128 GB SSD, 4GB RAM, and 64 Bit drivers. the OEMs said 64bit BT tablets would be available 1st Qtr of 14 well we were 1/2 way through the 1st Quarter and i could not wait for them any longer. if you can wait a year i think that you will be able to find a BT tablet with a good configuration and 64 bit OS. i just could not wait any longer. If you need to purchase now and you will be fine with 32bit windows 8.1 for the life of the device the current BT tablets will serve you well, if you want the almost guaranteed ability to upgrade the OS to windows 9 then go with a core i series tablet.
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