ATI radeon HD 5750 Driver Update trouble

Hey all, how's it going?

I am racking my brain here. So i have the video card which is stated above. I updated it recently, only to my surprise I didn't update.

I went to AMD's site. downloaded the new catalyst suite, it downloads, runs, opens, detects i have an existing version of catalyst which is up to date..but the driver for my video card still isn't.

i've looked through the catalyst package, looked at the logs, even tried windows downloading the driver and lastly driver sweeper. i am at my wits end

if anyone can help let me know i would appreciate it
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  1. what u means error..

    I think the 5xxx series is considered legacy by amd so the driver is not out quite often...
    maybe no new driver........

    or nothing changed for 5xxx series in new amd driver...
  2. thanks for the response RD :)
    when i try to play certain games i get the message that my video card's driver aren't up to spec. I download the proper drivers and prepare to install them. When i run the setup for ATI/AMD cataylst, it says catalyst is already up to date, but it says the driver is from 3 years ago lol
    I am trying to take a screen shot of my DXDIAG and post it on here..I can't even get cataylyst to work can't get my games to play im going nuts! lol
  3. for some reason it just won't update the video driver to the proper driver and i am clueless as to why
  4. ok i hate to keep posting but i feel it's the only way and i am not trying to be an asshat by posting more, but i figure if i try and be as concise as i can maybe it will make sense..

    i used driversweep in safemode, deleted all driver stuff BUT as soon as i reboot windows automatically downloads the driver, which the driver date is 2011!!!! lol

    So i went to update catalyst, catalyst claims i already am running up to date version of catalyst on my pc..i reinstall it anyway

    my question is, is there anyway to prevent windows from automatically updating those video drivers? through driver sweeper maybe? anyone have any expereince with that? that would be awesome
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