Does this motherboard support the FX-9590? (It supports AM3+ processors)

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  1. i wouldn't trust anything other than a good 990FX chipset for 9590.
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    That processor requires specific motherboards, mainly because it has a power draw over what that board supports.
    The ASUS Crosshair V Formula would.
  3. you could probably get away with an asus sabertooth, you'd be better off going with a sabertooth and an 8350 and overclocking. its basically what AMD. They took the best testing 8350s and held them back to sell factory overclocked
  4. Can someone please direct me towards a cheap mobo tht can support this CPU? thx :)
  5. Your best bet is going to be an ASUS sabertooth or Crosshair V. You arent going to beat those, they are expensive, but they are the only boards high enough quality to support it.
  6. Looks like this may support it, but its confusing me because only r4.0 of this board supports it, so how could I tell which revision this is?

  7. I agree that theyre good, just don't have the money. Money doesn't just appear. (or does it? ;P)
  8. Its just an overclocked 8350. I have ran an 8350 at 4.6ghz on a 970 board without any problems for like 9 months (never powered down) . The limiting factor is VRM design. if the mobo has a quality 8+2 design you should be fine. If the mobo can support Fx-8350, it will support a 9590.

    keep in mind the 8350 chews like 175w at full lload on stock clock (full load 264 encode) so it isn't that far behind a 9590! AMD decided to be honest with the 9590's power draw. If your running an 8350 on a 125w board, your eclipsing the power rating anyway.
  9. And to add the 8350 at 4.6 was on a board with a 4+2 power phase design! so in all honesty i think people are shooting for the stars a bit with the whole sabertooth minimum suggestions.

    Seeing as this is a gaming PC, should I follow this and go with intel? Never thought I would say this, but intel is actually cheaper, too...

    Plus intel's power consumption isn't insanely high, like AMD's. Sorry to say it, I love AMD, but I think intel won this. (I think they usually do, I just expect AMD to be cheaper if its worse)
  11. intel is cheaper because the 9590 is overpriced. but yes, you should consider intel. You'll get better and more consistent performance.
  12. I agree with that, AMD rules *mostly* the budget builds. once you pass the price of the 8320 intel wins with little competition.
  13. Thanks! Im really considering Intel. I believe I will be getting Intel seeing as its cheaper, too :S
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