Will XFX Radeon HD 7770 1GB DDR5 work in PCIE x16 2.0

Hey Guys,

I want to know that will this Graphic card work with PCIE x16 2.0 as it says it has 3.0.. and Will it work on my motherboard Intel D102GGC2 which Has ddr2 Ram but the Graphic card is DDR5 ! Plz help
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  1. Yes it should work

    I have an 7750 working in a PCIE 1.1 slots :P
  2. Yes this gpu will work, it is backwards compatible.

    As for the DDR2 RAM that is your motherboard RAM. The GDRR5 is on the GPU so the system will be fully compatible.
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    It will work fine. Almost all, 3.0 are backwards capable.
    And DDR2 is system memory where as DDR5 is graphics memory so They run independently and don't interfere with each other.

    But looking at your motherboard model it seems that it will bottleneck GPU performance.
  4. ^ Yeah, even a Pentium D will bottleneck your 7770
  5. I doubt a bottleneck is anything to panic over, If anything getting this card means that should the OP get a more modern pc soon it be easily put into the modern system as well.
  6. What do you mean by backward compatible ??
  7. pcie 3.0 cards are made so they can work with older pcie generations such as 2.0 hence it is compatible with older generations

    backwards compatible > to work with older parts/standards.
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