Graphics card under high load while idle?

I've been having a problem with my graphics card's lately where it would be under high load while idle. it's not a bit coin miner, and not looking like a virus since I just Finished installing a clean copy of windows. Also i haven't flashed bios yet. Any help anyone else have this happen?
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  1. Sorry should also add in it's doing the same thing for both my graphics card's i put in my old 285 to see if it was just my 760 but it effect's both of them :(. When i monitor my pu with firestorm it Spikes and goes down spikes goes down It's the exact same pattern everytime it spikes then goes down a bit for 1-10 sec's and then spikes again always the same pattern also...Could a virus be in my bois? i just bought this hard drive to install windows on also. Could it be a motherboard problem?
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