Does AMD FX-8350 support Hardware Virtualization? If it does, need a reference

Hello guys,

I recently bought an AMD FX-8350 CPU + 8GB RAM, ASUS M5A97 R2.0 Mobo.

I wanted to run couple of virtual machines (for development & research purposes).

I just learned that processor need to support " Hardware Virtualization" for that. God knows what it is. I didn't think of this before purchasing the processor. From this answer

$hawn said:
The thing about any AMD FX chip is that it supports ALL the features, be it the AES instruction set, or AMD-V(AMD Virtualization) support, from the top end FX-8350, all the way down to the FX-4300. No bullshit cutting out of features. :D

That being said, an FX-8350 WILL BE SIGNIFICANTLY better than the i7-3770(k) for virtualization purposes. Google and do some research, and you'll see that AMD's 8 cores really help a lot when it comes to virtualization (even though the individual cores are a bit weaker), and that too at nearly $100 cheaper than the Intel chip :D Given that you already have a AM3+ socket mobo, it would be really stupid to burn money on a new Intel motherboard+CPU too :)

There's are only few things that the FX series chips are good at, and they are Encryption, Virtualization, Video encoding, photo/video editing etc. And more recently, Crysis3 ....lolz :)

Its apparent that it supports. But when I see the specs of the processor, I don't find any proof for what he says. Could any one kindly provide a good authoritative reference.
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  1. oops! sorry,
    I just found it own the FX-Series home page under "Features" section. They should put that in specs.

    AMD Virtualization™ (AMD-V™) Technology with IOMMU
    Silicon feature-set enhancements for improved performance, reliability & security of existing & future virtualization environments by allowing virtualized apps direct, rapid access to their allocated memory
    IOMMU is an extension to AMD64 architecture to support address translation & access protection on DMA transfers
    Security for user-level application & virtual machine guest OS
    Address translation & access control
    Device isolation
    Device assignment in virtualized systems
    Security & trusted boot support
    Unified interrupt management
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