2nd partition of 3tb disk unaccessable after Win7 re-install


I have a problem. I work on a custom worstation running windows 7 64bits. The OS is installed on a samsung SSD, but I have several other hard disks for work and backup. I have one disk of 3tb that I split in 2 partitions (the main with 2gb and another with around 730mb). Everything was fine until I had to make a new install of Windows 7.

Then only the fist partition of my disk was available. In the manage disk window it says "unnallocated" under the 2nd partition and I don't have any other options than "properties", so I can't even assign the former letter of this drive as it used to be. I downloaded the Paragon Partition Manager I used in the first place to make the 2 partitions but it can't do much either now.

The thing is that I have some files I need on this drive... Is there any option to re activate the drive and access its data?

Thank you very much for your help, this is very important to me. And please excuse my bad english, it is not my native language.
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  1. thank you for your help!
    The disk is (now?) MBR but before doing a fresh install of windows 7 it was working correctly with both partition (I repeat that this 3tb drive is a backup drive and not the system drive). Now if i convert it to GPT I guess I'll lose all data in the 2nd partition that is not accessible anymore? Is there any way to convert to GPT without erasing data? Will it work if i do this?
    Thanks again for your time
  2. Is it possible you installed a driver/software to get the drive to work on your motherbd?
    both Seagate and Wd provide such software as well as many motherbd manufacturers.

    For Example:
    Asus calls theirs "Drive Unlocker",
    WD calls theirs "Dynamic Drive overlay (DDO)"
    and Seagate integrated theirs with their Diskwizard software.
  3. Thank you very much for your help!
    In fact I have a Seagate baracuda disk and indeed it was the "diskwizard" that ought to be installed, then I went to Paragon Partition Manager (like i did in my previous windows 7 setup) and re-assigned the letter to the drive. And voila!
    Thanks again for your time, I really apreciate it.
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