Need recommendations for a cooler for my 4670k

Hi. Here are my specs...
Case- Corsair Carbide 500R
Mobo- MSI Gaming G45
CPU- Haswell I5 4670k
GPU- MSI Gaming 780 ti

I had this PC put together a little while back. We took the Power Supply and HDD from my Alienware Aurora and moved it into the new PC. We also wanted to use the Closed loop Liquid cooler from the Alienware but we did not have the mounting mechanisms needed to put it on the new CPU. The cooler I had in the Alienware was a single radiator cooler from, I believe, Corsair. It just had the Alienware Logo on it. Since we could not use this cooler we instead found an old Asus Heatsink+fan Combo and used that.

The CPU runs at around 50 Degrees under load with this old cooler. Which is cooler than my old i7 920 ran with that liquid cooler. That i7 ran at upwards of 70 degrees.

Anyway, I want to get a good cooler for this 4670k and I want to overclock the CPU.

This case has room for a dual-radiator cooler on the top. I'm thinking of doing that but the guy who put my PC together says he prefers the big air coolers over the liquid.

I just want some recommendations for both the Liquid and Air coolers. I want to spend around 100 bucks give or take. Thanks in advance :)
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  1. This liquid cooling kit will be perfect if you want to spend around $100.

    You can spend less of course but it's good for $100.
  2. Well if you really plan on overclocking, the aforementioned h100i will be the best for the price.
  3. thanks for replies guys. I do want to overclock the CPU for gaming but I want it to stay cool. I've read this is a good cooler. Would you say it's the best one? Is it quiet or loud? Any other recommendations maybe? What about the big air coolers?
  4. It's one of the best coolers for the money and isn't very loud. You could try an air but I recommend liquid for this cpu
  5. Yea I like the liquid myself but the guy who builds my stuff tells me he likes the big air coolers more. I didn't realize how big those air coolers actually are lol the one he showed me took up like half the NZXT phantom case that was in.
  6. Well it's your choice but at the end of the day the h100i is good for you.
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  8. Hey thanks for the reply. That's the cooler my computer guy showed me actually. He said the fan alone is worth like 30 bucks but I think the one he showed me had only one fan in between the radiator but the one you linked has 2. One in between and one on top. So is this really the best air cooler around? Are there any others that come close that I could compare? Also do you know which of the liquid coolers are the best? Besides the Corsair h100i? Sorry for all the questions I just wanna make sure I get the right thing here =/
  9. Hey I just read a few of the first reviews about that noctua on newegg and it looks like some RAM heatsinks are too tall. I have the Gskill Ripjaw 1600xmp. Think it will fit?
  10. Thanks man I will check that out. Are they the same size?
  11. Hmm looking at those reviews, I see that the noise is actually the same under load when you compare the NH-D14 and the NH-U14S (dual fan).
    The D14 got a 9.8 review while the U14S got a 9.4. Neither of these are a big deciding factor for me but one thing that caught my attention is in the conclusion. They said the U14S may block the first PCIeX16 slot on some mobos. I have an MSI gaming G45 mobo. I don't know if that hindrance applies to that mobo but why risk it?
  12. Quote:
    Hey I just read a few of the first reviews about that noctua on newegg and it looks like some RAM heatsinks are too tall. I have the Gskill Ripjaw 1600xmp. Think it will fit?

    According to Noctua, the Ripjaws memory is compatible with the NH D14:

    If fan noise is a major consideration, do what I did and get the NH D14 SE 2011. This is a special version designed for LGA 2011 chipset MB's but it comes with PWM fans which are very quiet 90% of the time. It is made to fit LGA 1150 MBs by adding an adapter kit: which costs $8.

    Highly Recommended!

  13. Yep I saw that about the RAM last night, someone linked me that site.

    I wouldn't say that noise is a major consideration but at the same time I don't want something very loud. I mean the fans on this case are pretty silent and the video card is pretty quiet as well. From what I've been reading it looks like the NHD14 is pretty silent isn't it? I basically narrowed my options down to either the NHD14 or the H100i and decided to go with the Noctua because of noise and price. By the way, is the h100i really that noisy?
  14. H100i is not unbearably noisy but the noctua is a lot quieter.
  15. Thanks all. Just ordered the Noctua :)
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