please help me!!!

Ok for the past few days someone has been constantly ddosing me, right now i am using my phone hotspot, i have looked around at many guides and tried them out to change my ip, but i always end up with the same ip. i'm pretty sure that i am dynamic because when i type ipconfig /all it says dhcp enabled: yes. i have also tried resetting router and unplugging and this didnt work... maybe i am doing something wrong? someone please help

p.s. i am not very experienced when it comes to these types of things, so make sure if you are going to post a fix don't anything too complicated.
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  1. You might not be able to change your IP it depends how the ISP has things setup. If you have a router then nothing on your PC matters.

    Your best hope is to turn the router off overnight or longer and hope the IP you get is different.
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