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Hi, My girlfriends been using my old rig, and the graphics card recently conked out on her. We're looking at getting her a new set up for Christmas, but in the mean time we wanna buy a card to see her through.

The problem is its obviously an older motherboard (G41mx-k 2.0) and the processor is starting to show its age too (q9550) - I don't want to buy something that'd be incompatible with the mother board or that the processor would bottleneck anyway.

I've read that newer card will work in 1* PCIe x16, but not at full capacity.

So what would be absolute best card to buy for the rig to get decent value out of it (gaming and rendering wise) until we get a whole new system later on?
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  1. I think the GTX 660ti/GTX 660/GTX 650ti or A HD 7870/HD 7850 will be a good choice depending on whether you use CUDA accelerated rendering or OpenCL accelerated rendering. And they won't be bottlenecked:

    PS: That quad core Intel is a great processor and overclocked it can outperform a third generation i3 inmultithreaded applications and catch up to it in gaming performance.
  2. As AnEwG says, check the rendering software she is using, older revisions may not be able to use the graphics card to improve performance-Nvidia provide CUDA acceleration and AMD Open CL or Direct Compute.
    As a less expensive direct replacement the GTX650 or HD7750 offer a small upgrade from the 9800 at lower cost than the higher end GTX660/HD7850 option:,review-32884.html
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