Radeon HD 7870: PowerColor vs XFX vs HIS vs VisionTek

I am looking at purchasing a Radeon HD 7870 an on newegg it has those 4 as my options. Amazon also has Sapphire as an option but it is around $60 more expensive than the ones listed on Newegg. I was wondering what you guys would recommend out of those options or if you had better options than those. I also wanted a second opinion on this cards power requirements, it is listed at 500W but this test has it listed at 310W. I have a 460W supply, is the 500W an overestimate?
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  1. Between the choices I would get the XFX unless there is savings going with the other brands. Another option would be R9 270 http://pcpartpicker.com/parts/video-card/#c=82,110,154,147&sort=a7
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