Need help setting up parabolic grid antenna

I recently moved from a suburb area into a rural type area and there is no internet service by mostly anyone but those satellite providers which I've only heard bad things about. The house did come with a parabolic grid antenna already setup, it leads to inside the guest room as I'm assuming an Ethernet cord, is this usually how it is? That's all that's there, what else would I be missing, a modem/router? I've also heard I would need a WISP? How would I go about finding someone who can provide for me that's near? Thanks.
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  1. WISP = Wireless ISP. A company that serves up internet service via wireless.

    You need to contact whoever might service your area, and see exactly what you need.
  2. So I do need a WISP then? And any idea how I would go about finding someone that can provide for me? Is there no way to check?
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    Well, yes. You someone to provide a connection.
    Possibly start here:
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