Looking to buy a monitor could use some help :)

1. What Is Your Country Of Origin? US

2. What do you plan to do with this monitor? (ex. Games, Movie Watching, Photo Editing, etc.) Gaming

3. What resolution and screen size do you want? 1920x1080

4. What refresh rate do you want? (ex. 60 hz , 70 hz.)

5. How much are you looking to spend? $100-$250 (not including shipping)

6. Brands Preferred (ex. Samsung, Acer, Asus, AOC, HP, Viewsonic, etc. ) no preference

7. Brands Not Preferred (state reason why)

8. Are You Buying More Than One Monitor? no

9. How Many Displays Can Your GPU Support Maximum? And what GPU and driver version are you using if applicable? radeon hd 7770 ghz edition

10. What Port Do You Want To Connect To (ex. DVI-D, HDMI, etc). hd or dvi

11. Is This Monitor A Primary Display Or A Secondary Display? primary

12. Is This A Secondary Display For A Laptop?

Iv been looking at monitors for awhile now i might have narrowed it down to two(unless you guys come up with something better for cheaper) but im a little bit of a monitor noob whats the difference between these two same price but the one is bigger what do you think?



iv been using a stock monitor i bought with a retail computer for the last 5 years but its starting to become obsolete i think i but plan to keep it as a extended display (hp w2207)

I really appreciate you guys taking the time to help me out -wingman
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  2. Well for photo editing, the VA panel on the BenQ GW2750HM may suffice, but it is known that IPS delivers the superior color accuracy. ASUS just brought a new line of IPS monitors that I would heavily recommend for your needs. You did not mention your budget, but this only costs a little more than the BenQ's that you listed for higher quality display and a reasonable 5ms response time to compliment your gaming needs.

    If you have any other questions or need something more specific, just ask. Hope this helps. :)
  3. thats a little more then i would like to spend my budget is around 150-250 max my current display is iv had it for close to 7 years lol so anything really would be an upgrade

    i dont need something with insane display capabilities just something thats 1920x1080 and looks good i only have a radeon hd 7770 so its not like im going to be seeing super mega ultra settings anyways :)
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    well okay, well if you're not doing professional photo work, the VA panels will ve fine and the BenQ GW2750HM is a great choice. Don't go with that other one with the TN panel. TN is just horrible..
  5. thank you very much i really appreciate the help :)
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