Do I need more fans/recommended setup

So I built my first desktop using a Corsair c70 case. I was thinking of adding fans, but I am unsure as to how many would be good and how to place them.

Here is my setup:

And here is my computer's thermal reading via the ASUS AI Suite 3:

(Sidenote, I just ran the assesment about 10/20min ago, so temps might be up a little)

So I was thinking of adding some Corsair SP120 Quiet's behind the front panel, a green CoolerMaster Sickleflow to the lower fan spot on the door (I want my case to light up green and the nocuta blocks the top spot), and a Corsair AF120 Quiet to the bottom of the case.

Would this be overkill?

I am wondering how my airflow will even work, as I would think the door fan will primarily blow out the back of the case through the unused slots, the graphics card seems to blow towards the front of the case (fighting with the top hard drive case fan?), while the AF120 on the bottom would shove it towards the top.

The Noctua is pushing air up, but it doesn't really seem to go out the top of the case. I wonder if the potential fan setup would even interact much with the stuff above the video card.

(Sidenote: the thermal armor vents on the Z87 Sabertooth board are closed if memory serves and both assist fans are in place)

And all this is compounded by the fact that nothing seems hot at all.

So should I buy the fans? Do I need them? Placement? Please help.

PS: I think I would like to overclock someday & if the recommendation is to turn the noctua, I am unsure as to fit, and would I have to clean off the chip and reapply the thermal paste?
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  1. You definitely don't need any more.
  2. Well, I was also aiming for positive case pressure to help keep dust and dog hair out. I was also considering two fine mesh filters, one to cover the top door fan opening and one for the bottom door fan.

    EDIT: found a site that offers a solid case window. Would that negatively affect my cooling?
  3. Ordered a solid window. I've also noted some dust inside the case already. Anyone have suggestions for getting positive case pressure? Thinking of adding 2 Corsair SP120's to the front with some filters.
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