What is the best cpu cooler around $40? (AM3+)

I have a fx 8320 and the cpu cooler sounds like it will take flight during a game of battlefield 4. What cpu cooler would be best that is around $40? I dont really want to do a water loop. I am mainly looking for an air cooler that is quiet...
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  2. verma1891 said:

    How much quieter is it than the stock fx8320 cooler?
  3. dirtyferret said:
    stick an aftermarket fan on it that tops off around 1300r pm and it will be silent, the current evo fans hits around 1900-2k rpm so you can notice it

    Would you get one fan or put 2, one on each side?
  4. If quiet is what your looking for, than the Artic Freezer series is where I would look. Don't run quite as cool as the 212, but Arctic cooling has very quiet fans.
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