Dell Precision 390 Graphic Card upgrade for DX11 BF4 COD Ghosts

Current card is HD4670 so not DX11 compatible
Stock PSU 375 watts
8Gb ram
W7 or W8 64bit
Has 1 120Gb ssd + 1 normal sata HDD May add one more HDD
PCIe 1 x16 slot with 1 x 6 pin power lead
Dell spec says support for graphics cards up to 150W but looking at specs of budget priced cards using well under 150W they often recommend 400W plus PSU
Any help appreciated as i'd rather just slap a functioning card in than have to upgrade PSU
I do have a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor on the way so was hoping to have a budget gaming system without spending too much or buying a complete new system
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  1. upgrade you're power suppy.
  2. Thanks, I did try that with what seemed to be a working ATX PSU but i have a horrible feeling it might be one of Dell's proprietary PSU's so will have to get the multimeter out and doublecheck
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