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We rarely shut down our computer, it's usually in "sleep mode." Our power was turned off for .5 hr and when the computer rebooted, it looks like our Default Setting was restored. My husband's cousin sold us his computer so it looks like he merged our files with his when he gave the computer back to us. When I try to change users (options at Start are only for us, there's no guest option) so I don't know how to get it so when the computer starts our files/desktop/information shows up. I can find our files when I go through Computer>Program Files>Users, but I don't know how to get us to be the main user again. Any suggestions?
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  1. When I go into Control Panel, the only user is our name, and we're the administrator. There are no other users under User Accounts in Control Panel. The Guest option is disabled, when I enabled in it and logged into it, the options are the same as what we have now, under our account.
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    Not very clear what is happening. Exactly what default settings are you talking about? If you make changes to your settings, but don't reboot, some changes won't take hold if the system shuts down improperly like with a power outage.

    Are you talking about your files? Are they no longer showing up on the Desktop or in My Documents? Are you logged on to the same account you get to when you check in the User's directory? You may have been logged on as a temporary account, Windows would have put up a message about an error loading your profile and using a temp one.

    The Guest account is useless to do anything with.
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