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Hi guys,
I know that the answer's in here somewhere and I probably even know it myself, but I just wanted to make sure - does screen size affect performance? For example, if I connect my 15.6inch laptop to a 40inch TV, but keep the same resolution, will playing games eat more resources than playing them on the laptop? I know the view might be awful and etc. but I just wanted to make sure that the performance is not affected.

Thank you for you time :)
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    nope pixels are pixels, doesn't matter how big they are, they'll be uglier if they are bigger, but that's all.
  2. Yes performance is not affected.
  3. Hi,

    the size of the pixels doens't matter, the amount does. So when you're playing on a 80" FHD screen or a smartphone FHD screen (if it was possible of course :p) you will see the exact same performance.

    So no, it does not affect performance.
  4. Thank you for your answers, I wish I could select all the answers as solutions :)
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