Wireless transmission of HDTV signal from antenna?

Is it possible to transmit an HDTV signal from an antenna and receive it wireless about 250 ft. away? I have a hill on my property that is about 100 ft. higher than my house which should offer better reception. The setup would also have to be powered by solar with a battery backup.
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  1. there are wireless hdtv solutions such as wireless hdmi however they have short ranges and are rather severely affected by performance degradation over range.

    it may be better to go with a hard line and signal extenders (perhaps a burried conduit).
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    You are actually asking to re-transmit the signals that you antenna is picking up which is not something that makes sense to even attempt. You could run RG11 antenna wire that kind of distance. An signal amp at the antenna would work too. This would be powered from the house end so no power needed at the antenna. Check out info here:
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