What is a good pc game that not much people now about?

What is a good pc game that not much people now about

I'm looking for a video game that not much people know about and has a really good story along with good gameplay

Don't mind the genre
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    My favourites are these. I hope there would be something for you too

    #10:Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (PC)I know, I know, this game was big on the N64, but I'm referring to the PC port, which was pretty good considering it was a port. This wasn't all that popular on the PC. It had six extremely long levels each with multiple goals. What I personally think is great is that you notonly have to solve the level, but also find "keys" to get to the next level, and another set of keys to the final boss. This required some amount of backtracking, but it was still pretty cool. Not to mention the levels were much cooler than the ones in the first Turok. I recommend you to find this game in the bargain bin if you never played it.

    #9:Escape Velocity Nova (PC)Escape Velocity was a game I actually first noticed while at a friend’s house that has a Mac. The game was rather addicting, you are a transporter/smuggler in a future space age. Depending on who you piss-off, or ally with, there are different story lines. The physics are realistic, so realistic that you will get annoyed at controlling your ship, because to "stop" in space, you don't exactly hit the brakes. Escape Velocity Nova is the third installment of the series, which each game is basically an upgrade of the previous. However, this is the only one that is available on Windows. Its only $30, probably less now, just download it and register it. Ohyeah, did I mention you download this game?

    #8:Hitman: Codename 47 (PC)This game had a cool idea, but wasn't allthat popular for 3 reasons. It was superhard, the controls were bad, and you couldn't save between missions. The series became much more popular with Hitman 2, which was a much better game, but this one provided the foundation. Sure, the levels are hard, but it’s that much more satisfying onceyou beat them. Some of these missions were redone in Hitman:Contracts, as the "flashback" missions. Much easier with the save option available, but thereare plenty of levels in the original that are great, and provide a good challenge. If you like the series pick up the original.

    #7:Syberia (PC)The Adventure Company is known for putting out some low-priced adventure games to keep fans of the dying genrehappy while we wait for big budget adventures like Myst. This game, however, while only $30 when it came out could easily be worth $50. This game had a very interesting story about a young lawyer who has to travel to Europe to finalize a deal. One thing leads to another and you are off on a train ride to Syberia. The game has some great characters, moderately challenging puzzles, and some pretty graphics. Anyone into adventure games, you have to play this one, it’s also a good game for prospect fans to try out this genre. I promise you will love it, this game at least.

    #6: Death Rally (PC)You know a little company called Remedy? The guys from Finland who made Max Payne? Well this was their first game. While nowhere near the awesome-ness that was Payne, this game was highly addicting and lots of fun. Basically it’s a top-down view racing game, but with many twists. Your secondary goal of each race is to be the last man standing. That’s right, you try to destroy your opponent’s carsas well as be the first to cross the finish line. You can buy mines, spiked bumpers, and even sabotage an opponent’s car. If you don't want to buy the game (about $10 now) then at least play the demo.

    #5:Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (PC)People who know my Signature (bring back PQ, KQ, and GK) usually just know the PQ and KQ, (Police Quest and KingsQuest respectively) but not GK which stands for Gabriel Knight. The first game in the series was a game that wasfamous for many things. Most notably, it had voice-overs for 100% of the dialog, which was a big deal then. Plus, for many people, it was the first game that made you "jump". This wasn't for pure horror; it was more because you got so engrossed into the story, that when you were suddenly killed you would scream "NOOOOOO" before you knew you could just load a saved game. The puzzles were a little more challenging to the average Sierra gamer, but it was good to see a pure adult oriented adventure game. Really,words don't really do this game justice;try to pick it up if you can.

    #4:SiN (PC)Before the announcement of Sin Episodes that will be released over Steam, did any of you hear of this game? Didn't think so. It came out the same year as Half-life, and well....the rest is history. I just finished playing this game because I pre-ordered the Episodes, it came as a bonus. And let me tell you, it’s a doozy. This game has hardcore action, a decent story, and some great dialog. Oh if only Half-Life came out a year behind this game, and we would all know how great this game really is. Unfortunately for Ritual, it didn't, and we are forced to compare itto Half-life, in which case it holds nothing on. Yet it is still a great and very fun FPS, I urge you all too pre-order Sin: Episodes so you can get this for free and play it.

    #3:Quest For Glory II: Trial By Fire (PC)The Quest for Glory series is famous for many things, at least, amount Sierra fans. For some reason this gamedidn't touch too many people outside ofthe "old-school" adventure genre. Even still, each of the 5 games in the series deserves a place on this list. To pick the best, I would say number 2, Trial by Fire is the best. There is so much going on, and so much for a Hero to do. You get to fight each of the 4 elementals, a vizier, bandits, and even agenie. Choose to be a Fighter, Thief, or wizard. In this is also the first game in the series to allow you to become a Paladin. You will probably only find this game with the others of the series, so pick them up and play them.

    #2:XIII (PC)This game was brushed aside because itwas a "cartoon". Well if throwing knives at people's heads is "cartoonish", what is it you consider hard-core? This gameis great. The story is top notch; you can take hostages, and even pick up chairs to smash people with. I don't know how or why people didn't pick up this game after word of mouth started to say how good it was. In any case, the game is great, it can run on an older system, just pick it up.

    #1:The Longest Journey (PC)In my review for KQ6 I say that it was the best adventure game with no competition. Well, I was wrong, here is the competition. This game is an 11/10, just fantastic in every way. Yet, it is arguably the most underrated games of all time. It came out of no ware and was an adventure game, which was considered dead at that time. That is until this game showed up. If you want to know more, read some of the reviews.I saw this game as Game stop for $10, buy it. It will be the best $10 you ever spend.So there you are, 10 of the best games for the PC that are relatively unknown.I have played all of them and I highly recommend each one. Especially the top5. And remember, games come out eachmonth, but you won't hear about all of them. You could be missing a gem and not even knowing it.
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  3. i like to play runescape long time ago (when i was young and handsome) now i play world of warcraft
  4. That's a weird question. If a PC game was good every regular PC gamer will know about it. Now it depends on the genre and popularity for the game to be most played

    Do u mean least popular PC games?
    For the last 3 years that would be
    Brothers: A Tale of two sons
  5. Thanks guys you all really helped
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