Asus Z87 pro booting issues with new rig [SOLVED]

Hi all, currently building a new machine specs below

Asus z87
Corsair vengeance 8gb 1866mhz
MSI r9 290 4gb
I5 4670k
750w power supply 80+

When graphics card is in it freezes at the Asus logo, but when I put the HDMI cable onboard I can get into the bios, I tried reinstalling windows but that hangs soon as it gets to the next option on installation.

Any ideas please want to get this going :(
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  1. Right figured what the problem was for my graphics card to hang the BIOS SCREEN

    basically the computer doesn't seem to boot via the GPU if there is an error within the bios, So I plugged into the onboard graphics (Removing the GPU of course) , cleared the error (Letting the computer boot into windows then shutdown completely)

    Re-attach your card and cable and wala it's boots into windows no problem. Will be a pain for future reference if there is a bios problem again but hey!

    And lastly

    I do recommend installing your OS via the onboard graphics first then attaching your card to your computer so it's a clear boot through.


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