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My old hard drive(Western Digital 1600JS - SATA and 160 GB) failed suddenly. It came with my win xp dell desktop. I am trying to see if I can recover my personal files from that. I checked with a professional and they said the drive is dead and will cost thousands of dollars to retrieve the data.

I got an external enclosure and connected my hard drive to it, but still could not access it. I also tried to run diskpart in another machine, but the drive is not displayed at all. I also did not hear any sound at all after connecting to the external enclosure. I looked at some softwares, but they are more for deleted files, is there a way I can get the data from the drive?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. put it in a freezer (in a freezer bag) for a couple of hours and then try it, i've heard of it working. If it doesn't or if it makes it worse It's not my problem.
  2. If the drive does not spin(makes no noise), software will NOT help you(unless you are just talking about the Windows sounds).

    Why no try it in a desktop to see what it does? Generally the best way to try.

    This is a very good time to plan for the future, backups are very important.
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    Does bios see the hard disk. When plugged in ?
    If not nothing you can do to recover files

    If it is seen by bios then WD has diagnostic software which can run on floppy disk or cd.
    This can report on problem
    Do not use disk part or make any changes to drive
    Until you have evidence the hard disk has no physical faults and problem is corruption of something like MBR / partition data boot sector or boot.ini problems
    Which can be fixed

    Mike Barnes
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