Newly built PC, having issues with frames doing mini skips/freezings

Even on low settings, the every 4ish seconds the frames will do like this quick skip, kinda hard to describe. The game is still playable but that problem is really frickn annoying. Please don't tell me I have to upgrade already or something .-. Man I was assured 1000 times this PC would outperform consoles. The game is Metro 2033 btw...I'll seriously cry if this PC is worthless .-.

If needed, here's my build: BUT the graphics card is different, its not an Asus, I changed it to this since the Asus kept selling out constantly.

NOTE: I have installed the drivers for my GPU...if that matters at all...
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  1. Is it only happening on Metro 2033? I know that Metro is a really hard game to run on almost any graphics card.
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