I have installed a DVD in my Dell E510. It reads fine but I cannot find how to format a new DVD. Following instruction, ie r

New DVD +-RW in Dell E510 with XP - How to format a new disk?
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  1. You don't format DVDs, you just burn or write to them. Unfortunately, I don't think Windows XP knows natively how to burn DVDs, I think you need a DVD burning program like Nero or Roxio to burn DVDs. However, those programs cost money, there are also free programs available for Windows XP for burning CDs and DVDs, I am just not familiar with them. I've been using Windows 7 and Windows 8 for so long now (and Nero) that I haven't needed them.
  2. Hi

    XP can deal with CD's but not DVD's without extra software and device driver.
    Do you want Free software or paid for software such as Ahead Nero

    DVD writers often come with software to write to DVD-R & DVD-RW and play video standard DVD's

    You can sometimes buy a OEM cd containing this software.

    review of some free software here

    Mike Barnes
  3. Sorry, I was wrong, Windows XP CAN burn DVDs. Here's how, with pictures:

    But third-party software is better.

    It's also possible that Windows Media Player on Windows XP will be able to burn CDs for you, but not DVDs. And for making video or movie DVDs, you will definitely need third-party software, such as Nero.
  4. CDBurnerXP. I've used this for years.
  5. Am I mistaken, or doesn't Image Burn only work with ISO images?
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    Hi mbreslin1954

    ImgBurn is best known for writing ISO files to optical disk or creating the ISO by reading the optical disk but can also burn files & folders to optical disk
    (there are 6 main options in current version )

    regarding the link you showed about writing to CD / DVD in XP
    That requires a device driver which is not part of XP
    Even if the drive is CD + DVD it will only write to CD-r or -rw disks unless a device driver is installed.

    If you do not believe me and you have access to a spare PC and a copy of XP do a fresh install of XP
    try to write to a DVD
    Install the MS Media Player 11 for XP and have another go.

    Nero InCD is an example of UDF driver enabling writing to DVD-R & RW

    I have to stop recommending imgburn as current version 2.5.8 installs adware.
    Use previous version 2.5.7. Or extract files from installer using 7-zip



    Mike Barnes
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