A good 1366x786 60hz and up monitor

Im looking for a 1366x768 monitor at 60hz or higher....if you can find higher then that'll be super great!!
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  1. You need to specify a BUDGET and PURPOSE of the monitor.

    Pretty much EVERY MONITOR meets those requirements.

    Do you need:
    - speakers
    - HDMI input (for game console or bluray)
    - DVI, VGA, DisplayPort?
    - IPS panel? (better color more expensive)
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    Here's an EXAMPLE (USA link):

    - $145 after MIR
    - IPS panel (better viewing angle/color)
    - 1920x1080 @60Hz
    - 23"
    - NO speakers
    - good customer reviews

    Refresh rates FASTER than 60Hz (to allow more than 60FPS for games) tend to be more expensive and not have IPS panels. So there's PROS and CONS to every monitor.

    I personally have a 27", 2560x1440 IPS monitor. I don't care about gaming above 60FPS, it's the size, resolution and picture quality that I really care about.

    That's probably above your budget though.

    There are also some awesome G-Sync monitors coming but they're expensive. $400 and up, and require a GTX6xx or newer graphics card.
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