720p vs 1080p on 15.6" laptop?

Currently looking at these:

but if I go with 720p, I can get this and a large capacity SSD:

Would it be worth the upgrade to 1080p? I have a bit of OCD if I know I don't get full HD but will it be very noticable on a laptop this size? I may connect to an external monitor also..
I'm using it for school and steam gaming via CS:GO & Dota 2.
If you can find me an ultrabook oriented laptop under $1000 with a matte screen (I hate touchscreen/glossy) thats better for my budget, it'd be much appreciated!

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    I used both 1366x768 and 1920x1080 on 15,6 laptops. I can tell you that 1080p looks much better, you fit much more on the screen and everthing is more crisp. Also most 720p screens are often very low quality TN screens.

    But you want to game on it, and on a laptop gpu 1080p is really demanding(except GTX760 and up).

    I would go with 1080p if gaming is not main prioritry otherwise 720p
  2. You will absolutely notice the difference since you will be sitting close to the screen. also you will have a lot more workspace on 1080 vs a 720 one.
    A SSD would be of a lot smaller size than the HDD if that matters at all to you.
    I would defiantly go for higher res over the speed increase, you will have to wait couple of seconds more when stuff is loading of your drive but you will have an better experience once it's loaded.
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