Can't see camera on one AP when computer connected to another AP

Have an ethernet cable from router coming into a very large attic with multiple rooms, connected to a switch.
From the switch there are two wired access points.
Ideally I want to link a wireless camera to one, and my laptop to the other. But it doesn't work.
It works perfecty if both camera and laptop are connected to the same AP (doesn't matter which one) but it won't work AP to AP.
Am I doing something stupid?
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  1. Is it just the camera's that can't connect on different APs? Can you connect other things like computers to the APs?
  2. When you say "connect" - yes, connecting a computer (wirelessly) to either AP allows it access to the internet, so they're both going back to the router OK.

    I haven't tried communicating computer to computer with each computer connected to a different AP.

    For clarity, if the camera and computer are both wirelessly linked to the same AP, it works fine. Problem occurs when camera attached to one AP and computer to the other.
  3. First you are really running these as both cameras have ip in the same subnet otherwise you are running routers and you likely have the NAT problem.

    I would check for option in the ap and maybe the router for a feature that prevents devices from talking to each other. This is a common feature in true AP but it is not normally on by default.
  4. Thanks - I'm pretty sure everything is OK re IP addresses and subnets.

    I did think AP isolation (often called other things) might be the issue, but as I understand it, it would prevent a computer from seeing the camera even if connected to the same IP - but that works fine.

    I'm loathe to interfere with the APs as the landlord had them put in - I'm pretty sure the APs (Netgear) are running entirely in their default mode though.
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