How much fps will i get ????

I have an fx 8350 and a gtx 660 superclocked edition and an asus m5a99x evo R2 with 10 gigs of ram??? Try to leave an estimate in numerical values please !!!! Thank you
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  1. Sorry but since the 8350 shouldnt bottleneck that card and you running over 4gb of ram, just go look at game benchmarks at the resolution ur playing at and will give u a rough estimate give or a take a few fps difference for settings, and overclocks etc. Also even if i tried to leave numerical values in terms of fps for you the resolution that is being played at is the biggest factor in determining your fps after ur hardware, so knowing that would help.
  2. Im playing at 1080p on a 17" samsung tv
  3. different games would have different fps
  4. What do you mean by hardware??
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    hardware as in the 8350, 660, and 10gb of ram, them as a total will be good for games and ur frame rate will be determined on the graphics card so once u have everything picked out and the cpu wont slow down your graphics card and ur RAM can keep up, the resolution ur gaming it effects ur frame rate, settings ur able to play at and in general how well it looks and plays. 1080p I would say rough estimate you would get high to max settings, matters on the game at a 40+ fps without looking at benchmarks myself.

    When looking for fps and how well something will run as RGD1101 said is every game effects a computer differently on how well it runs plus if its online your internet connection, and also every computer setup is different no matter if its same or similar hardware benchmarks are always slightly off.

    Toms has plenty of gtx 660 benchmarks for most modern games at least AAA titles and being ur cpu and ram can keep up its all the gpu so google gtx 660 benchmarks and find 1080p frame rates on games you play. If ur game isnt there I find BF3, Crysis 2/3, Bioshock infinite, etc to be more intensive on the cpu and gpu so will be a rough idea on how well ur system will run other games.
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