Dell Inspiron 1525 PP29L Rebuild

Hey Guys,

My old Insperion 1525 Model PP29L has been preforming badly since I upgraded to 64 bit Windows 7, about a year or two ago.

I found It might be that it only has a hilarious 2GB of RAM, and has no Dedicated Graphics Card, paired with the RAM sucking 64bit OS.

My Idea is to Expand/Replace the Ram Card to about 6GB, and find a decent Graphics Card for it as well.

Any Suggestions on Ram?
is normal Desktop Ram Compatible?
Any Suggestions on a Graphics Card?
is normal Desktop Graphics Cards Compatible?

Budget: As low as I can

Anyone Have any Information on the PP29L or Questions about this project in general, Please feel free to share
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  1. Well, this is going to be VERY cheap because you can only upgrade the RAM. And, no, desktop RAM will not work.

    You can find 6 or 8GB pairs on eBay, but beyond finding it used it will be very hard since DDR2 RAM has been discontinued for awhile now.

    And updating the graphics is not an option. And no, the gigantic cards that fit in desktops will in no way, shape, or form fit in a laptop.
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