USB ports not receiving enough power

Since this week, my USB ports have been disconnecting and then reconnecting after 5 seconds. But then after 30 minutes of it doing this, it completely stops working and I can't move my USB mouse. Here are my specs:
Motherboard- ASUS P8Z68-V LX
Processor-Intel i5-2500k
Gpu- Gtx 560 Ti
USB Mouse- Logitech G400

Also, I tested my mouse on another computer and it worked so it's not my mouse.

Here's my BIOS screen:
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  1. Is the mouse plugged directly into the USB port, or to a hub?
    Are you using the front USB ports or the back?
  2. does this happens in all the usb port .
  3. Yes its for all USB ports and I don't use a hub I use it straight out of the pc
  4. did you try your mouse in another system .
  5. I asked about the front or back USB ports because the front ports are connected via a cable.
    If it is happening on the back ports and you have tested your mouse on another system, the only possible hardware issue would be your motherboard.

    The other possibility is software. You could have a bad driver that is causing you issues. Have you installed anything new leading up to this issue?
  6. I haven't installed new drives but NVIDIA automatically installs updates. My front ports have never worked, I bought this PC on craigslist 1 year ago and I'm guessing the guy never setup the wires for the front ports.
  7. Not just new drivers for existing devices, but more any new USB devices?
  8. check the cable on the motherboard for the usb connector from the front case one .
  9. Ill check the cable on the front because it might be loose or he never set it up
  10. For some reason the usb ports dont lose power when i dont play steam games, it only happens when im playing a steam game.
  11. then i would check for the steam luncher they had a update on it lately .
  12. I just tested it and when i play Rust it rapidly keeps doing it but then when i closed Rust and Steam and played Planetside 2, it didnt affect me at all, is it possible to downgrade updates or something?
  13. did you play planet side 2 on steam if yes then check the other solution on steam since rust still in beta .
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