Intel Core i7-4771 vs i7-4770K

I'm not looking to overclock or anything I'm just looking at pure specs. Which is better? The i7-4771 or the i7-4770K? Also, do processors affect the FPS of HD games?
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    processors effect in certain games such crysis 3 and bf4 which are effected by hyper-threading such as on these i7s.

    I recommend the 4770k because it's unlocked so you can OC it in the future if you want to even if you don't want to oc now.

    The speeds of the 4770k and 4771 aren't too different and you can change the 4770k to the speed of the 4771 if you really want.

    If you're gaming and don't want to OC(ever) look at the xeon 1230 v3 it's an i7 4770 without the integrated GPU.
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