Prebuilt Gaming PC for Planetside 2

I may be getting my first job soon. My plan is to save up and buy a gaming PC, working as much as possible during the summer.

Price is not really an issue for me, as I am willing to wait and save up. I wouldn't have any other expenses so all the money would be going towards the computer, and I am not interested in building my own.

I'm interested in running recent games on high settings with high FPS. Examples of games I'd want to run like this are Planetside 2, Guild Wars 2, Day Z, and Left 4 Dead 2, among other similar titles.

How much do you think a computer that can accomplish this will cost? Anywhere in the $1,000-$1,500 range is preferable, but I would be willing to wait and go higher if necessary. Is this doable? I would also be willing to pay a specific company to assemble the computer for me, if it would cost less.

Thanks in advance!
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    Hi 9U1,

    I'm pretty sure most people on these forums are going to try to convince you to build your own computer which has many advantages:

    1. You get exactly what you want
    2. It is cheaper (not by that much but still)
    3. You get some knowledge into PC's
    4. Much easier to upgrade in the future.

    If you still decide to buy a premade PC i think 1200-1400$ is going to be just great. Just make sure you get a motherboard that can accommodate TWO graphics cards and a beefed up power supply (750W-800W) so you can upgrade to SLI in the future.

    Good luck!
  2. You have a very good budget, where value and performance per dollar is key.
    Personally, since you would be paying somebody to put together the PC for you, I would encourage you to buy from a well-known custom PC builder, such as Origin-PC, and other services alike those.

    Or, you can select your own parts, do your research and all, and buy it from NCIX, and they can put it together for you if you want, and add a warranty, just like Origin-PC and other boutique PC builders.

    Oh, and remember to factor in Keyboard, Mouse, OS, Headset, and any other extras, which can easily add up to $200, depending on the things you buy.
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