Couple questions on New build, what would you do?

Highlights for people who want to scan
Corsair 540 Cube Case
Intel i7 4770k
Samsung 840 pro 256gb SSD
Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD
WD Black 650gb HDD (already own from previous)
G.Skill Trident X Series DDR3 16gb (2 x 8) 2400
Asus GTX 660 directcu ii oc (x2 SLI) (already own 1 from previous)
corsair TX650w (already own)

The main question is between the mobos

Asus Maximus VI Hero / Asus Sabertooth +$6 difference in total

What would you choose and why? Any other thoughts are welcome. I feel like the 650w psu should get by just enough, right? Since I already have it, the worse that could happen is that it strains and I have to upgrade?

I also originally planned in the build; i5 4670k, and G.Skill Trident X 8gb (2 x 4) 2400, since that's supposedly great for gaming. But in my daily routine, I would have a game running, outlook email/quickbooks for work, skype, steam, a dozen chrome tabs with google maps/youtube/music etc. going on. Am I incorrect in jumping to an i7 and doubling ram for the "extensive" multitasking?
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    K I do all of those "multitasking" things plus video editing and am only limited by the fact that video editing uses all 8GB of ram. Go with the 4670K and unless you plan on doing video editing etc. Go with the 8GB of ram. The PSU should be fine.
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