Windows XP does not recognize all my RAM

I originally had 4GB RAM on this Win XP Pro machine. (I know due to the 32 bit issue, I could only see 3.2GB or so.) Then one of the sticks of RAM went bad, and for a while I ran Win XP with only 2GB. (Motherboard configurations prevented me from using 3GB i.e. it only allows me to use 1, 2 or 4 GB.) Now I have a new stick of RAM, and I cannot get Windows XP to see more than 2 GB. I’d appreciate any ideas to fix this issue.

I have 4 pieces of Corsair Value Select 1 GB DDR Memory on a Mach Speed MSNV-939 Motherboard.

I know that the 4 pieces of RAM I have work. If I boot the machine using a USB stick with MemTest, it sees the entire 4GB of RAM, and MemTest runs fine. I can also boot this machine using PuppyLinux, and it too sees all the 4GB. Finally, even in Windows XP, CPU-Z can see the 4 GB and tell me details about each of the DDR slots. Why cannot Win XP see more than 2 GB?

By the way, I have tried disabling PAE just in case and still I get only 2 GB. I’d be grateful for any ideas.

Thank you,
O. O.
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  1. Xcom46 said:

    Now you are saying that you have two computer systems in home.???
    What is this first computer system Dell,Hp ect,ect.

    Dear Xcom46,

    Thank you for your post, but I have no clue how you got the idea that I have two computers in my house. I have just one.

    From the point of view of hardware, my problem refers to two components: the motherboard and the RAM. The links I have provided in my original post describe both of them if anyone is interested. However, I don’t think this is a hardware issue, because I can detect all the RAM in MemTest, Puppy Linux, and CPU-Z.

    I’d be grateful for any more ideas.

    Thank you,
    O. O.
  2. The maxmem setting was my first thought (mentioned in xcom46 link).
  3. FALC0N said:
    The maxmem setting was my first thought (mentioned in xcom46 link).

    Thank you FALCON I did try the maxmem=3072 but it does not work. I still get the 2GB. I tried maxmem=3072 first with only one stick of 1GB RAM and it worked i.e. only 1 GB of RAM shows up in WinXP. Next I put all the 4 sticks in keeping maxmem=3072, and I get 2GB. I was hoping for a option like minmem. This would be something for me :pfff: but it does not exist.

    I would be grateful for other ideas.
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