1000$ Gaming/streaming pc build, need advice

So I have been wanting to stream on twitch, and I need a computer that will handle stream and my gameplay. Main games I play are WoW, Dayz, and Skyrim, so nothing too special.

I have a budget of 1000 for just the console itself, with enough gigs of RAM(i think) to hold the stream and gaming together.

thank you for any advice/ help
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  1. fx 8320 processor, coolermaster hyper 212evo, asus m5a99fx mobo, 16gigs corsair vengeance ddr3-1600 ram, R9 270x gpu, corsair gs700 psu, corsair 200r case, samsung 840 evo 120gb ssd, wd caviar black 1tb hdd....
    I did not go for intel coz at this price the amd outperforms the intel
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