XP USB Install disk read error

yesterday my pc was fine but today it would boot show the ms logo and while coming to display the user accounts it just shuts off and restarts again it doesnt display the ac on screen btw. so i tried to reinstall xp so got a copy (iso) from net and created a bootable usb through rufus and and selected f11 as it displayed select boot order in the screen which had my usb and i selected that it shows press any to continue and then disk read error ctr alt del to restart and same thing happens again and i tried different iso and different s/w power iso. using poweriso a cursor keeps blinking and windows restarts nothing me
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    It could be a faulty hard drive. Test it with a bootable CD containing the drive manufacturer's diagnostic software for DOS. The downloads will usually be in the form an ISO CD Image File. Links are here:

    Create a CD from the ISO file with IMGBurn on any working computer:

    Boot your faulty computer from that CD and test the hard drive.

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  2. cd drive doesnt work mate..tried pressing the f8 key repeatedly to debug but that also results in a can you say that hdd is faulty
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Windows XP Disk Read Error