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My friend has had a lot of questions lately about what he'd be best to choose -- a new PC or a new GPU (he's not all that into high-end gaming but he wants his games to go smooth). I convinced him that laptops aren't a good idea unless he has enough for an Alienware (the only good gaming PCs sold in this country).
I also told him that, with his specs, there's no reason to be getting a new PC unless he wanted to spend 2000€+ (because, really, that would be the only logical upgrade -- things are way overpriced here).
This is his PC,
Though he has a 240GB Samsung SSD as a boot drive. (Also his GPU tends to overheat a lot.)

As far as I could see from the weird PSU label, it's 400W. Not only is it efficient, it claims 80Plus Platinum certification!
My question to all you is what GPU would you recommend so that (1) nothing would be bottlenecked and (2) the PSU won't explode under the pressure.

Thanks for all the replies!
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  1. i dont see any psu's in theres no 400watt either
  2. Excuse me, I do not understand your message.
    The page I linked has the specs listed. It is so because I asked for a GPU recommendation that wouldn't bottleneck (that's mainly the CPU you'd need to keep an eye on).
    And I know that PC like the ... um ... bottom of my chair (that is, not very good, but I still do know it). I've seen the PSU and on the label, it says that it's a 400W 80Plus Platinum one. With two rails, I think, I believe each had 20A on it (this amperage is completely out of my head, I don't know if it's correct).
  3. Can you post a picture of the sticker/label?
  4. He's currently out of the country and neither of us have a picture of it, so right now, no...
  5. ModernWarfare said:
    i dont see any psu's,in there's no 400watt either

    With this i think he meant the next,

    I doubt that medion uses platinum psu's in their pc's since it's a budget brand..

    I don't think that your friend needs to fully upgrade his pc,but a new psu for a nice gpu would still be a good choice.Otherwise he's not going to get anything better in than for instance a amd r9 270 or for nvidia the gtx 660,still nice cards though.
    That still is dependent on the psu he has now and the specs from that=most important amps on the 12V rail.Looking at that it has a gts 450 in it it probably will do for those cards.
  6. Stay away from the alienware, also the GTS sucks.
  7. this whole build sucks.
  8. Best answer
    Akaza said:
    Stay away from the alienware

    The topic is about a medion,not an alienware.

    ModernWarfare said:
    this whole build sucks.

    The cpu is still a good enough one,the friend has added a ssd so even if the 2tb hdd would be 5400rpm should this not matter.

    In basic it is a pc on which games can be played well with the right gpu.The psu might need to be upgraded for that and looking at the next thing from the topicstart; " (Also his GPU tends to overheat a lot.)" might the case be up for upgrading or at least an extra fan in it if possible.
  9. Thanks for all that. He's buying a dual-fan 750Ti (since the new tech needs way less power and produces way less heat than the 400 series). We'll see about the fans, though. If the thing overheats too, fans are in order!

    (Also with the 450 he has his case open so that it doesn't overheat that much... I'm just wondering who the heck designed that case. xD)
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