Is my hard drive already corrupted

I just bought a new 2TB seagate expansion external hard drive, when I plugged it in I noticed a setup file so I tried to run it and got the message: 'The file or directory is corrpted and unreadable' when I tried running another executable in the registration directory it also gave the same message. The drive doesn't have a proper icon when displayed in windows, it just has a generic executable icon. I tried running chkdsk but it reported that nothing was wrong.
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    The setup file creates a "custom" drive icon, but in your case it won't run, hence the generic icon.
    Don't worry, as long as the drive is usable it will be fine. You can safely delete any files that were pre-written to it.

    To put your mind at rest, you can test it with Seagate SeaTools for Windows:

    SeaTools tests the actual hard drive itself for correct operation, not the data that's on it.
  2. thanks, I ran seatools and the drive works correctly!
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