Need help finding Vista drivers!

I finally got a working version of Vista up and running, OEM 32 bit. Sole reason: Play fallout 3 with NO crashing.

After pulling my hair out with previous problems of installing vista via usb and then finally getting it to work, i've opened another can of worms. I'm trying to find a aetheros LAN driver compatible with Vista. All I need is this one driver and I can update Vista and start on other drivers (even that is looking bleak)

Current build
mobo: msi z87 gd65
cpu i5 4670k
gpu amd r9 280x
ram corsair 4gb x2

Once I can solve this problem, I'll be moving on to trying to figure out why the amd r9 280x vista 32bit driver won't install either -___-

Any help would be awesome
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  1. The motherboard manufacturer's website is the primary source of motherboard drivers for non-factory built computers, and is the only source we recommend.
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    HP has them here : (might also work for other manufacturers or check the makers website ! )

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  3. Thanks for the answers! Finally fixed my Fallout 3 crashing problem while still playing in windows 7. No need to mess around with vista.
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