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So annoying. This is a new PC, with Windows 7. Right away I tried to get Chrome and trash the terrible IE11 but I get an SSL error every single time on Chrome! And it pops up everytime I go to a new web page, not just specific sites! I've been told to make sure my "time" is right....what time? Which clock? The one on the bottom right of my screen?? It's perfectly accurate. I don't know whats causing this problem. I tried working around this by installing Avast Antivirus since it comes with Chrome, and I still constantly get SSL errors everywhere I go.
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  1. It seems like someone has messed with your DNS settings. Open a command prompt (Start => Run -> CMD.EXE), execute
    ipconfig /all
    tracert w w w . g o o g l e . c o m 

    and post results here

    (had to mangle the command, there is just one space after tracert command)
  2. I am running WIn XP WITHOUT SP3 update and was getting "Cannot Connect to Real <url>" error.
    This solution worked for me when using Chrome.

    In short, modify your Chrome shortcut used to access the browser by appending "-ignore-certificate-errors" (without quotes) in the target field (and after "...exe").

    I hope this speeds you on your way!
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