Would an AX760 be able to handle 2x GTX 760's in SLI?

Title says it all. Currently building a new rig, remaining parts will be in on Tuesday. Also planning on overclocking my 4670k to around 4GHz with the H100i. The cards are EVGA SC editions with a Maximus VI Hero board. 7 Corsair fans for maximum blowage. Corsair SSD as well as a secondary storage drive. Also decided to grab the Soundblaster Z. 8GB of G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3. Will the AX760 take care of all this? I always tend to get a top quality psu as it is very important, but I typically go overboard on wattage, so for some reason 760W is making me feel uneasy.

Any feedback or consolation would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Easily.
  2. Even with overclocking and factoring in the rest of the system? I suppose the reason for my concern is due to using the PSU calculators online. Depending on which ones I use with my specs, they range all over the place.

    So you're telling me I've been worrying for the last 2 hours over nothing? Good to know :)
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    It'll do just fine, Guru3D has the power draw of 1 760 at 169W, and 2 at 343W, add in about 250W more for the rest of the system and you still have quite a lot of room to work with on a 760W PSU.,4.html
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