Computer shutting down abruptly

Hi all title sums it up nicely, really. It shuts down every 20-30mins. I have not had this problem ever since I put this computer together on July 2013. It started happening around a month ago.

Let me assure you guys that I have tried googling for answers and attempted the various solutions suggested by netizens.

These I have done:
- replaced my 8-month-old PSU (Cooler Master G500) with a brand new PSU (Cooler Master GX550)
- replaced my RAM with older RAM (both may be malfunctioning)
- replaced my GPU with older GPU (both may be malfunctioning)
- installed a clean Windows 8 on a new hard drive and tried running on that system
- checked temperatures of CPU and GPU using HWMonitor (which had dubious readings) and SpeedFan
- stress-tested using HeavyLoad (which I ran for about 5 minutes, bringing my temps to about 60C, but did not trigger an abrupt shut down)

I will attempt these:
- buy and re-apply thermal paste
- replacing RAM with a clean, new one
- replacing GPU with a clean, new one
- replacing MB with a clean, new one

The last three of which I really do not want to do :(
Considering how my computer's temperatures are seemingly okay, can I safely conclude that I can rule out thermal paste solution?

I would really appreciate it if anyone can shed some light for me on this matter. These are the specs on my PC:
MB: Asus H87 Plus
Processor: Intel i5-4670
GPU: Palit Jetstream nVidia Geforce GTX 670
RAM: 8GB Kingston
PSU: Cooler Master GX550

On wattage calculators, my recommended power is 450+W

Do let me know if I'm missing anything out!
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  1. I have been unable to do much with my computer since this started so I would really appreciate any help you guys can give @_@
  2. That PSU is junk. it is a tier 4 unit. Almost as bad as it gets. You replaced an awful PSU with an equally as bad one. Get a tier 2b unit or higher this time.
  3. Thanks for your suggestion I will definitely look into that. Didn't know there existed such tiers in PSUs. Still, isn't it weird that the old PSU could last for more than half a year while the current one couldn't even last a day? If there are other possibilities please let me know. Thanks all
  4. The PSU is the most important part of a PC by far. A poor quality PSU can give wide power (ripple) spikes and damage components. I would replace that PSU ASAP even if it is not the problem before it fries your computer completely. Plenty of people have lost their entire computer to a junk PSU.

    Also, neither of the PSUs you have had support Haswell CPUs. This is probably not the problem, but something to be aware of.

    First off, have you tried with no GPU installed at all? Try that. We need to rule out parts one at a time.
  5. Thanks for your reply! I will try getting a new PSU ASAP. Unfortunately I won't be home for a while. I did try taking out the GPU and unplugging the HDMI cable from the GPU to the CPU, but the monitor didn't seem to get any input? What should I have done?

    Thanks everyone for your time! I really appreciate your help
  6. I just got home and I still can't figure how to run the computer without the GPU. Or do you mean running it without any display? I will try that in a bit
  7. Ran the computer without a GPU and problem persists... I'm ruling out the GPU then? That means PSU/MB/CPU problem? What kind of problem would cause the PC to instantaneously shut down anyway?
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