No monitor signal after thermal paste change

Hi, so I recently changed my thermal paste on my CPU and my computer wont give me any output on my monitor. I tested a spare gfx card with no luck either. These are some of my observations

-CPU fans are ok
-HDD spins normally, times out after a little
-power switch on the mobo is functioning
-dvd drive light comes on
-keyboard light does not come on
-everything is plugged in
-i did not remove the cpu from mobo
-i did not use a static strap
-everything else was removed (ram, gfx)

One thing that catches my attention is the power, when my pc turns on, I cannot just press the power once and it turns off; I have to hold the power switch down until it kills the power.

Did I fry my mobo? Everything was functional before this endeavor, and now its all messed up.

Here are my specs

i7 950
Asus P6T
Coolermaster V6GT
BFG tech 800W PSU
4GB Z gold series ram
Radeon 4600 series gfx
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  1. Also is there any way to determine if my cpu/ram is fried? Its a quite old series of the i7 so the socket wont fit on any newer mobo I purchase
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  3. Any suggestions?
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  5. Reseat your RAM sticks, and ensure all power cables are reconnected properly.
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