need help on deciding on water cooling config, super powerful build.

here the part list,

I would prefer EKWB or Kulance.

I need a set up for the 4930k to run at 4.2GHz at a load temp of 60C or colder.
Both 780ti's to run at 50C or cooler at some stable over clocks.
Would like ram water blocks, not sure of its possible or i need a different kit.
Any motherboard cooling for chipset, or VRM cooling would be a nice touch.
looking at max price of 4,000 USD.

Thanks guys.
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  1. I will recommend these companies:

    Waterblocks- EK Waterblocks
    Radiators- XSPC AX Series
    Fans- Corsair SP 120 High Performance Editions
    Tubing (Rigid)- Primochill
    Fittings- Bitspower
    Tubing (Normal)- Any
    Pump- Any Laing D5
  2. So these are all compatible? IE just screw the fittings together? Difference between normal or rigid tubing?
  3. Normal tubing is basically rubber hosing. Rigid tubing is acrylic tubes that you need to use a heat gun to bend it, but looks much better. Make sure you're using all the same diameter. Most blocks use 1/2" holes, so just be sure they are compatible. If it states something eg. G1/4, that's the connection to the block from the fitting. Make sure they match up.
  4. Best answer
    G1/4 barbs/fittings, 1/2" ID tubing
    pump with @ least 9 ft of head pressure
    I don't use rads n stuff.
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