PC goes in to sleep mode while playing

Hello guy's. I need some help. When i play games like "I am alone" or Ninja blade (it requirements is lower than my pc). When playing screen turns black an pc falling sleep. When i move the mouse it turns on again, just loging in an it working normaly. What's wrong with my pc?

My specs:
Windows 7 32bit
Intel core 2 3Ghz
4Gb ram ddr2
Gigabyte GA-EG31M-S2 motherboard
Graphics card: ATI HD3870 512Mb PCI-e
HDD: 1Tb
PSU: 600W

Sorry for my english. Waiting for help.
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  1. When you log back on, is it back into the game? Are any of your programs still open or is it a back to the desktop?
  2. If I playing Ninja blade it backs to game and I can play it forword, but when I play I am alone it shows that game is stop working
  3. Re install the graphics driver?
  4. Yes i reinstalled grapgics driver with driver sweeper. It newest drivers now.
  5. Should i clean ir one more time and fill thermal paste? Or it jus other problem. I forgot to mention, but my monitors menu is not working. When pc loading my monitor shows not all screen. Shows more then a half, but when windows loaded it automaticly balanced. Could be it a problem?
  6. Could be a problem with the monitor but seems unlikely if if only happens during some games.

    Would you have a spare monitor to test with?
  7. So i just replaced termo paste. It could be that i just puted too much termo paste before. Yesturday i reinstalled ati drivers from 13.9 to 8.66 (very old), and runed game. Interesting that i played Ninja blade and completed one chapter (it should shut down if enything goes wrong), but for know was no issue. Yesturday was very late, so today after work, I will test it again.
    Could new driver's couses sleep mode? And what interesting thing I found. When I looking in my card it's name MSI RX3870, but all ATI drivers shows my card as ATI HD3870. Its diferent looking painting on the card, but parameters is equal.
    My card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E168...
    HD card: http://www.gpureview.com/radeon-hd-3870-card-547.html

    So when I downloading drivers from AMD.COM and choose HD3XXX series that drivers couses issues. But when I downloaded drivers from msi (that old 8.66 (no newer driver just updater whic i not downloaded)) issue gone for now. Could it be problem? Driver problem? Because when i instal new 13.9 issue comes back. I can play just a half chapter maybe more, and it goes to sleep mode.
  8. issue camed back. Half of stage and sleep mode aplied. Before I tryed to lunch Naruto game for pc(just for more testing), when installed game I have to configure keyboard with there given program. Just opened that program and in half of minute sleep mode aplied. When back from sleep mode that program was still running and about 15s, and again sleep mode.
    My temps now are great, but sleep mode is really annoying. What I have to do?
  9. Can you test with another monitor?
  10. I will try today another monitor, but it seems not his foult, becouse all pc goes to sleep mode?
  11. But today i will try another monitor, witch has working menu :)
  12. You dont believe me if I say what was wrong!!!!! (this is just for now)
    Remember I said, that pc goes to sleep mode if I trying to configure keyboard for one of games? So gues what. My mouse (wifi mouse) couses that problem. Jus shuted it of becouse the batteries need to replase (chargeble, bateries good tested with tester), and just turned on my simple wire mouse, and error was gone. So for futher investigation, I inserted my mouse wifi adapter, and tryed to enter that key configuration program agai and BANG, after 30s my pc going to sleep mode. Shuted off that panel, reenter (after waking up my pc), and after 1 minute bang pc again goes to sleep mode.
    Sure I will investigate with the games tomorow, but I think this is the answer.
    Can you please explain me how the f....ng (i am sorry for that) wifi mouse can do that for my pc? Everywere sleep mode disabled, mouse even doesn't have that function (pc sleep or similar). HOW wifi mouse can affect computer to sleep?
  13. No idea to be honest.
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