Idk which AMD APU Driver do I download and when I choose one and download and it's installing, my screen goes black.

I have an AMD A10-7850K and when I install a Driver for that specific APU, the screen goes black at installing and won't change... Please help!
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    Normally when it goes black while installing, it's cause it's installing the graphics driver, it should cut your screen back on after a couple of minutes. If not, tell me which driver from AMD were you installing? Auto detect? Beta?

    That's the beta Catalyst 13-11. See if that one works. If not, you might have to sift through some old Catalyst drivers to see which one works for you.
  2. I downloaded beta but idk about WHQL but the beta kinda have the black screen and how long do I have to wait till the black screen over?
  3. It should be over in a quick sec. And from my experience, it does so multiple times. But after installing, all should be okay.
  4. hmm alright.
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