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Hey everyone I bought an hp pavilion 1597c and upgraded the GPU to a 1.5GB gtx 660 and the PSU to a Antec 500 watt and I was wondering what should I upgrade now the GPU or CPU I have i5 3330 at 3.0 ghz and a gtx 660 1.5 gb should i upgrade to a 2gb gtx 660 or upgrade the cpu this is a gaming pc i play cod ghost bf4 and games like that and the textures arent that great at high settings and the frames are sort of choppy please help thank you! I want better frame rate and the best performance possible with this upgrade.
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  1. definitly go for a new gpu! Your cpu should not have a problem with most games. i recommend a 670 760 770 2gb a 2gb 660 isnt going to do you much good. remember you can always overclock your cpu if the bios allows :P keep us posted
  2. Changing to 2GB 660 will not change performance. You need 760, 770 for better FPS. You can probably run 760 with the current Antec. The CPU is ... decent.
    For 770 - probably new PSU.
    But this is office machine, If you plan serious gaming better design a gaming machine from scratch. Case, MB, GPU, CPU, RAM, PSU etc. All components must be planned for gaming in advance.
  3. thanks guys i am going to upgrade to a gtx 760 but i had a 2gb gtx 660 for evga and it would not work no matter what i tried and then the pc place i go to said it wouldnt work so i would i have to buy a new card so would a gtx 760 work with this motherboard? its a Joshua-H61-uATX
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    Yes, it will! Have fun!!!
  5. Should I get a gtx 770 and a new 600 watt antec psu will that work and give great performance or should i just get the 760
  6. the difference between the two is substantial. go with the 770 the performance is amazing
  7. would that work with my system?
  8. absolutely! i reccomend the gigabyte windforce gtx770 it is a kick as card and stays extremely cool! Game on!
  9. thanks man!!
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