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I am looking at purchasing a PC primarily for gaming. I was wondering if it would be better to purchase a $1000 Pc now and another $1000 upgrade in the future or if it would be better to purchase a $1800 PC now and $600 upgrade in the future. I am willing to turn down the graphics settings just to get above 30 fps
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  1. Well, I would say it's better to buy the computer all at once. But it depends what's going into the 1800$ build. Because you can't really make a computer "future proof" because over time, games will want more resources in the future. Like for example. My brother in law has a 1500$ build with a i5 2500k and a gtx 570 from 2011 and he has to turn down his settings compared to me with a i5 4670k and a gtx 770, i don't but he does if he wants decent fps with 1080p resolution.

    What's in your list?
  2. Because I live in Australia prices are a lot higher here my proposed build is:
    I7 4770
    Gigabyte r9 290 with bf4
    Gigabyte ga Z87x hd3
    Cm 690 ii advanced
    Corsair Cx 750m
    Cm hyper 212 evo
    Crucial 8gb 1600mhz ram (2x4gb)
    WD blue 1tb
    And an Asus 23' vx238h

    All adds up to $1906 at my local computer hardware store but the guy over the phone said they'd come down to at least $1800
    What is your opinion on the build/ what do you think could be improved.
    Also in anyone's opinion how long do you think this PC will last playing the latest games if in future I was to lower the settings

    Kind regards fatturkey
  3. The i7 is pretty useless for gaming really. A i5 4670k will be a better choice for gaming, unless you're going use the use the hyper threading.

    Honestly, i don't like the amd cards now because of their prices. A gtx 780 ti which destroys anything will be a better choice for future gaming. Better price/performance compared to the r9 290x.

    I would switch up the PSU for at least something better, like a AX760, or a hx750. And for 1900$? A WD blue and no ssd? I built something better :

    You didn't link in a OS, so I added one, and the same monitor.
  4. Yes I was wondering about the processor and whether it was necessary. Do you think it could be good to have considering In the future games could utilize more threads? And how is the i5 4670k do you find, still alright for multi tasking? Also the components you suggested have much higher prices in Australia, for example: the i5 4670k is $300 dollars in Australia and the cheapest 780ti is $900 dollars, where as the cheapest 290 is $530. Also I do not need an operating system as I have windows 8 already. If you wish to have a look at some Australian prices here are some store websites:

    Kind regards fatturkey
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    Hyper threading is normally used for core hungry programs like editing software, and CAD program. No one knows for sure if games will use the hyper threading yet, but I believe in maybe 5-10 years, devs will find a way to use them. Normally, 5 years is a good upgrade time for computers, so i'll stick with a quad core CPU. Or if you want, you can get the AMD CPU's. The 8350 for a example is a 8 core CPU, but a i5 4670k core to core is a bit faster then the 8350. Unless you really need the hyper threading from a i7 (like editing, or heavy multi-tasking) For gaming it's useless. Games don't use even 4 cores still!

    I find the i5 4670k a great CPU, it does everything you need. I tried editing a video with it, and it's very fast! It's good with multi-tasking still.

    Ahhhh, sorry about that. I just find the prices for AMD cards to high. In Canada, they go up to 1000$! While the nvidia cards are happily where they are. I say go with the 290 if it's that cheap, and try to fit a SSD and a black drive, for 1900$, you should fit that.
  6. Thanks for all your answers just built my PC and am very happy you helped me make some critical decisions thankyou very much
  7. Nice to hear that :)

    I recently upgraded my GPU for the 780 ti, really nice card. Plus with 144hz monitor from ASUS, gaming for me got better with the smooth monitor :).
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