How much to sell my laptop for???

Hi toms hardware! I'm trying extremely hard to sell my laptop, and i'm not sure how much to list it for. It had an amd phenom 2 triple core processor at 2.2ghz, 4gb of ram, radeon hd 4250 (i know that sucks) and a 500gb hard drive. The most valuable part about it is that i'm selling it with fruity loops studio 9 producer edition plus extra instruments that i have put on there over the time that i have had it. How much do you guys think?

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  1. You can probably sell it for 300-600 USD.
  2. Cosmetically good laptop -$250 plus 'add-on' for the reasonable value of the software. Try and sell it to someone who has a need for that software.
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    The software won't add any resale value to your laptop if it's depreciated beyond the book value. I created a tutorial that explains how to do this:
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