New Gaming PC Build - Advice / Suggestions

Corsair Carbide 540 - Case

i5 4670k

MSI Z87 G45 Motherboard

Corsair Vengeance Pro Series - 16GB (4x4GB) Quad Channel / 2400mhz / 11-13-13-31 Timing

MSI GTX 770 Gaming OC 1098MHz Core (Boost Clock:1150MHz) (Gaming mode) 2048 GDDR5 7010MHz Memory


Already bought a CX750M PSU - Please advise if this will be sufficient for the above system.


Unsure on whether to watercool the CPU / GPU Only, or stick too cool air will be looking to overclock.

Im looking for any alternative suggestions in replacement for these parts in the same price range with possible, with better OC tweakability.


Except the case as i really like the layout of the Corsair 540.
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  1. I would use an AMD Processor. They are easy to overclock and perform great at a great price. The PSU should be sufficient for the build. If you are overclocking, I would definitively recommenced watercooling. If this is your first build, don't watercool. Also try to get 2 raidiators if you want to water cool your cpu and gpu. One for each.
  2. get 8gb of ram, and are you building this TO overclock, or are you overclocking TO game.
  3. I will also be using the computer for Animation Work, UDK / CryEngine / Maya etc etc, would think id need 16GB at-least to keep things decently smooth?

    Im building to Overclock at some-point.

    Still not convinced to go for AMD, been years since i tried them out.
  4. the fx 8 series has much better scaling because of more cores and unless you are doing heavy, professional level stuff you don't need 16gb
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